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Ashley Buffa is CEO of her home.

She’s a published author and Home Systems Expert, designing chore schedules for kids and the entire family so mothers can have more time to focus on their passions. With so many kids, Ashley learned the hard way how to put her home in organized bliss and now she’s a coach to mothers who aspire to be more organized mothers or business women but feel overwhelmed with demands, especially in a COVID era.

Home Systems Expert to Thousands of Moms

Ashley has coached over 8,000 women struggling with all things: Home schooling, Home systems and how to effectively become a Mompreneur. Her value is in teaching Moms how to get their children doing chores without all of the nagging, whining, tears, etc. and get their homes organized, systematized and running smoothly without spending large chunks of time doing it!

Interviews — 5 Min Read

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Ashley is  successful for implementing a strategy that is twofold:

  1. As a Home Systems Expert, first teaching moms how to organize their children’s schedules to create enough time to work on their personal or business goals daily.
  2. Then coaching her clients through building their first sales funnels and marketing campaigns. Her work doesn’t end with housekeeping. Ashley is also an authority on effective home schooling. She confesses that she isn’t the typical “the world is our classroom” type of homeschooling mom. She believes in the rewards of instilling hard work and structure even while in the home setting.

As a homeschooler for the last 17 years, Ashley believes the most important thing for new homeschooler moms to remember is that homeschool is NOT school at home. What does this mean, practically speaking? It means that we are not creating busy work for our children with worksheet after worksheet. We are able to condense the learning into much less time because we can tailor the learning to our child’s level of understanding.

In a school setting, the teacher has to "teach to the middle". Which means that students who already understand the material have to sit there and be bored, while the children who have trouble grasping the topic are left behind.

According to Ashley, one of the very best parts about homeschooling is that if she has a child who does not understand a topic, they do NOT move on until he/she does. How many times in a school setting are kids moved along in math or in language arts before they are ready?

"This does not ever have to happen in homeschool because you as the parent get to decide when your child is ready to progress..which means...your child will actually achieve mastery of all subjects"

- Ashley Buffa

Ashley is committed to helping ALL Moms (working moms, stay at home moms, homeschooling moms, ADHD moms, and any other kind of Mom who wants a change!) realize and achieve a calm, peaceful, neat space that really feels like Home Sweet Home.

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