Interviews — 5 Min Read

Itzel Islas builds her brand live in color

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Interviews — 5 Min Read

Modern Art Exhibition at Avada Galerie

Itzel Islas is a freelance graphic designer, illustrator and proud Latina making waves with her energetic art and concepts.

From Marvel characters to Disney favorites, Itzel Islas’ work can be found on the racks of Target, Wal-Mart, and Urban Outfitters. It’s been the most rewarding work for Itzel, but nothing is further from her heart than her work at Mad Engine.

Seek Improvement

It has never occurred to Isla that she’s too good of an artist or that there is nothing anyone can teach her. She enjoys learning new skills, and is very proud of her place in the field, but still, she thinks there’s a lot of room for improvement.

Lessons from the Creative

Her desire to constantly challenge herself creatively has led Islas to take on her own clients independently and lead San Diego’s biggest coffee fest, Cold Brew City Fest. Her approach to building her career and expanding it has been to pay what she’s learned forward to the next generation of Latinx creatives to continue to pursue their dreams – even when the process seems to move slowly.

Designing for a larger brand presents several constraints, creative issues, and ownership issues. Projects may undergo numerous revisions and ultimately look nothing like this initial design.

If you are aware of both the good and the bad of working with large or noteworthy clients, you will not be afraid to take on clients that let you own projects from start to finish. With smaller scale clients, you have full control during projects and can display your creativity.

While work can be extremely demanding, Isla has found ways to decompress. She suggests listening to your body and creating daily rituals that put you at ease throughout the day to help find balance. More importantly, it might be just the time one needs to reserve some time to unwind.

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